A New Community to Promote Success Through STEM

To meet students where they are and provide multiple sustained ongoing STEM experiences, so that students will be able to pursue multiple paths to explore and follow their personal passions.

What is STEM for Success?

STEM for Success is an integrated program to broaden participation in STEM, especially for those in traditionally underrepresented groups, by fostering collaborative change. Through sustained community engagement and STEM experiences for kids, the program provides opportunities for students to share and showcase STEM accomplishments. STEM for Success helps students develop 21st century skills, including  growth mindset, critical thinking, reflection, problem solving, leadership, communication, collaboration and other essential skills, that enable them to become productive members of the future workforce. 

What will STEM for Success Do?

The three initiatives of STEM for Success include:

Hands-on STEM: This initiative provides resources that help students, parents, facilitators and educators engage in minds on, hands-on STEM

Active Learning Academy: This initiative provides STEM professional development and fosters professional learning communities around Active Learning. Active Learning promotes self-efficacy and the desire to deepen knowledge among students and educators.

Community Engagement: This initiative invites you to get involved in our community, add your expertise and collaborate with our partners to promote success through STEM for all.

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