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STEM for Success is an integrated program to broaden participation in STEM, especially for those in traditionally underrepresented groups. Our three initiatives are fostering collaborative community engagement, providing STEM education resources, and the Active Learning Academy.
Just Cause:

STEM for Success just cause is to empower children to have freedom an agency to follow their own path and solve the problems they will face as they pursue their own passions in life. We are looking for people to collaborate with us as we enact our vision.


STEM for Success envisions a system to broaden participation of children in STEM, especially among traditionally underrepresented groups.


STEM for Success fosters collaborative change in STEM by engaging multiple stakeholders around STEM experiences.


To establish a digital repository to collect, share and showcase STEM accomplishments of students as they develop skills to become productive members of the future workforce. In this way, we will achieve persistent participation.

To better prepare the students in acquiring these sets of skills. We will help to foster a growth mindset, critical thinking, reflection, problem solving, leadership, communication, collaboration and other essential skills.

To meet all children where they are and provide multiple sustained ongoing STEM experiences, so that students will be able to pursue multiple paths to explore and follow their personal passions. 


  • LEADERSHIP: Leadership is taking responsibility for yourself and others to achieve goals.

  • TEAMWORK: Teamwork is individuals cooperating towards the successful attainment of a common goal, through a shared vision, distributed leadership, commitment, agency, and action.

  • EDUCATION: Education is a system of planned experiences and activities to facilitate learning and foster Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) literacy.

  • INNOVATION: Innovation is the inspiration, imagination, and integration of new ideas or new ways to apply an existing idea through research and development.

  • PASSION: Passion is investing your human capital to serve others to achieve a common purpose.

  • Agency: Agency is taking action to attain your end and make positive change through self-efficacy and self-directed learning leveraging partnerships and collective action.

  • AGENCY: Agency is taking action to attain your end and make positive change through self-efficacy and self-directed learning leveraging partnerships and collective action.


  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Individuals and organizations have an ongoing and committed ethical obligation to act to benefit society at large.

  • COLLABORATIONEffective individuals work with others in teams with a shared vision to attain a common goal together (Peer engagement).

  • COLLECTIVE IMPACT: Leadership and organizational support through a strong backbone is essential for programs to harness individual inputs to reach scale and be successful (Organization engagement).

  • COLLABORATIVE CHANGE: To truly create large-scale sustainable change, individuals and organizations must come together mindfully to change the situation and the system (System engagement).


How we collaborate: Co-Design with Community


STEM for Success has grown out of the research in our NSF INCLUDES Design and Development Launch Pilot (DDLP) project entitled, “Leadership and iSTEAM for Females in Elementary Schools (LiFE)” #1744490. LiFE supported STEM/STEAM clubs (mostly) for girls in grades 2-6 to provide positive STEM experiences along with support from female role models and opportunities to gain leadership, communication, technology, teamwork and other 21st century skills so that they persist in STEM study.


We transitioned LiFE into STEM for Success, which sustains and grows the broadening participation work. It works to support all stakeholders to promote hands-on STEM experiences for all learners.

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