STEM for Success is a project of the NJIT Collaborative for Leadership, Education, and Assessment Research (CLEAR) to bring together stakeholders, coordinate efforts, and develop needed resources and activities to promote career readiness through collaborative Technology, Engineering, Applied Arts, Math and Science (TEAMS) best practices in education. 



STEM for Success envisions a system to broaden participation of children in STEM, especially among traditionally underrepresented groups.



STEM for Success fosters collaborative change in STEM by engaging multiple stakeholders around STEM experiences for kids.


To establish a digital repository to collect, share and showcase STEM accomplishments of students as they develop skills to become productive members of the future workforce. In this way, we will achieve persistent participation.

To better prepare the students in acquiring these sets of skills. We will help to foster a growth mindset, critical thinking, reflection, problem solving, leadership, communication, collaboration and other essential skills.

To meet all children where they are and provide multiple sustained ongoing STEM experiences, so that students will be able to pursue multiple paths to explore and follow their personal passions. 



CLEAR's STEM for Success initiative looks to serve as a clearinghouse and for organizations and individuals interested in promoting student success. CLEAR currently runs an NSF Design and Development Launch pilot as part of the NSF INCLUDES 10 Big Ideas. The Leadership and iSTEAM for Females in elementary-schools (LiFE) project was the first step of the STEM for Success project, which served as the foundation of a long-term effort to support women in STEM. Life (LiFE) is a comprehensive program bringing together iSTEAM, holistic student growth, and modern technologies to sustain girls' interests in STEM. 


LiFE uses solutions-based learning; innovation, research and design showcases; and is TEAM activities to engage and sustain, elementary school girls' interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This hands-on, minds-on integrated approach, coupled with near-peer mentoring and exposure to exciting role models, provides a scale-able strategy for helping girls pursue opportunities for a successful future in STEM.


In its second year, the LiFE project works with 10 clubs in 6 districts serving nearly 1,000 students many of whom are from traditionally under-represented populations of learners.


Pi Day

This past March we host our special event at NJIT. Students gather to observe and present  projects  to their fellow peers.

News 12 at Pi Day

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