STEM Education Support Program

The STEM Education Support Program will partner with nonprofit and for-profit organizations seeking to meet their philanthropic goals in order to establish a collection of small grant opportunities designed primarily to reach demographics in K-12 schools that are underrepresented in STEM fields. These opportunities will support in-class and after school programs that culminate in tangible and authentic outcomes, including opportunities for students to exhibit their work products through participation in showcases and competitions. Student achievements will be highlighted at regular showcase events hosted by CLEAR and through various other outreach mechanisms and platforms. In addition, the program will support and facilitate professional learning for K-12 STEM educators and student learning and design projects that advance knowledge and practice towards college and career readiness in STEM-related fields.

Small grants disseminated as part of the STEM Education Support Program will be broken into the three major categories of STEM Materials and Supplies, Professional Development, and Events and Showcases. Donated funds will be aggregated into these three project grant categories for which eligible organizations will submit applications for support. STEM education organizations, such as schools, districts, and nonprofit organizations will be eligible to apply for support once they have signed the STEM for Success Pledge, which ensures that the applying organization, its executive, and its STEM initiative leader, are committed to the mission of promoting success through STEM.

Stay tuned as we develop and launch our STEM Education Support Program!

Bruce Bukiet, Elizabeth Daudelin, and Es